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Providing workshops for families is one way to share information. “The Literacy Connection at Home” is a curriculum that can be easily used by educators with families of pre-kindergarten children. Each downloadabl, one-hour session in the ten-session series has:

  • Background information for the presenter
  • Session outline and teaching instructions
  • Handouts for families in English and Spanish
  • "Make and Take" instructions in English and Spanish for activities to use at home
  • Suggested books for reading related to the workshop topic
  • Bookmarks that support families reading to their child

Tips for a successful start can be found in "Before the Sessions Start." Sessions are listed below by topic:

Before the Sessions Start
15 pages pdf 1.3M

The Importance of Family
20 pages pdf 1.3M

24 pages pdf 1.2M

Oral Language
19 pages Oral Language

Language and Behavior
21 pages Language and Behavior

Alphabet Knowledge
22 pages pdf 1.5M

Phonological Awareness
24 pages pdf 1.6M

Print Awareness

21 pages pdf 1.5M

24 pages pdf 1.2M

Transition to Kindergarten
20 pages pdf 1.7M

Celebration of Growth
19 pages Celebration of Growth

The Literacy Connection

Project Enlightenment • Wake County Public School System • Raleigh, North Carolina
The Literacy Connection program was initiated by an Early Reading First Grant funded
by the US Department of Education.

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The contents of this presentation were developed through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education;
however, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education
nor endorsement by the Federal Government. Published 2007.

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