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Below is a listing of resource books you may find helpful.

Building a Foundation for Preschool Literacy
Carol Vkelich and James Christie, 2004.

Consultation in Early Childhood Settings
by Virginia Buysse and Patricia W. Wesley

Fee, Fie, Phonemic Awareness: 130 Prereading Activities for Preschoolers
by M. Hofmann, 2002.

Inclusive Early Childhood Classrooms : Easy Ways to Adapt Learning Centers for All Children
by Patty Gould and Joyce Sullivan, 1999.

Learning About Print in Preschool
by Dorothy Strickland and Judith A. Shickedanz, 2004.

Literacy: The Creative Curriculum Approach,
by Cate Heroman and Candy Jones, 2004.

Literature & Language Play for Phonological Awareness
by Michael Opitz.

Oral Language and Early Literacy in Preschool
Kathleen A. Roskos, Patton O. Tabors, and Lisa A. Lenhart, 2004.

Phonemic Awareness in Young Children
by M.J. Adams, K. J. Foorman, Lundberg, and Beeler, 1998.

Using Children’s Literature in Preschool
Lasley Mandel Morrow and Linda B. Gambrell, 2004.

Writing in Preschool
Judith A. Schickedanz and Renee M. Casbergue, 2004.

The Literacy Connection

Project Enlightenment • Wake County Public School System • Raleigh, North Carolina
The Literacy Connection program was initiated by an Early Reading First Grant funded
by the US Department of Education.

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The contents of this presentation were developed through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education;
however, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education
nor endorsement by the Federal Government. Published 2007.

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