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Brookes Publishing Company

The Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation has been accepted as one of the best ways to assess a classroom's readiness for literacy experiences. It is for sale from Brookes. This website tells about the instrument.

Child Care Exchange
Contains a variety of information pertaining to early childhood. You can subscribe to a daily email that gives a quote and a short quip of information or encouragement.

Children's Literacy Initiative
Includes more than pre-k. Take care to note the age reference. On the menu on the left on the home page, click on professional development. The links to research provide a great resource as well as the books for reading aloud (Prekindergarten). On the same menu on the left on the home page, click on Blueprints for Early Literacy. Go to photos in the classroom.


Very helpful listing of ways to reach Hispanic students and families.

Creative Curriculum Literacy

This website gives an overview of literacy content of the Creative Curriculum.

Do 2 Learn

Offers support for adaptations particularly for children with special needs. Boardmaker style picture cards are downloadable!

ECERS Star-rated license notes.
Updated regularly with clarifying information as to the interpretations of the assessors.

Resources section on the menu at the top right of the home page. There is no charge, but you are asked to become a member for free, which means you will be on their mailing list. A variety of resrouces such as picture-word labels, literacy activities for themes, and resource information for teachers and parents.

Foundations: Early Learning Standards for North Carolina Preschoolers

Download your own copy of Foundations at no charge!

Head Start Information and Publication Center

Offers a quick overview of language (both first and second) acquisition. It is a quick way to get reminders help for working with ELL children.

International Children's Digital Library
Offers free access to children's books in 63 languages. It's a great way to provide books in children's home language.

NAEYC and IRA Joint Position Paper
on Reading and Writing
Official statement of the National Association of the Educators of Young Children and the International Reading Association on appropriate practices in the classroom for preschoolers in literacy areas. It is a good reminder for teachers, administrators and parents.

National Center for Learning Disabilities
Designed for preschoolers. Often there will be information specifically for children with special needs or English Language Learners. They also provide downloadable directions for literacy activities.

National Institute for Literacy
Excellent downloadable publications for early childhood educators and parents. Especially notable are "A Child Becomes a Reader" and the Spanish companion piece "La Lectura es lo Primero."

No Child Left Behind
Number of publications that are related to our preschool children. Helping Your Preschool Child, which is the fourth publication listed on the page, is excellent! Download it for free. Click the Spanish option to have it available in Spanish for families too.

Partnerships for Inclusion
Information about training an effective early childhood consultation model. Description of the training, dates, and costs can be found here.

Preschool English Learners- Early Literacy
This website gives activities for specific books that support social and emotional development as well as literacy.

The Literacy Connection

Project Enlightenment • Wake County Public School System • Raleigh, North Carolina
The Literacy Connection program was initiated by an Early Reading First Grant funded
by the US Department of Education.

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